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As part of my fitness offering, I have teamed up with Amanda Duff, a Registered Wellbeing Specialist, and together we offer a special programme designed to give you the tools and motivation to finally achieve your weight loss goals.

Please get in touch for details of the next available course

A 10 week programme designed to give you the tools and motivation to achieve your weight loss goals!

How is this programme different to other weight loss groups ?

We deliver a structured weekly workshop incorporating a unique approach to achieving weight loss in a measured and focused way.

We will monitor weight and food diaries much like other groups but in addition through wellbeing coaching you will be able to develop realistic lifestyle changes, improve personal fitness, change your relationship with food and  achieve a healthy work life balance.

The programme is delivered in the following ways:

Weigh In & Food Diaries

Monitor weight and food diaries and discuss foods Good vs Bad, recipe suggestions and activity choices.


Wellbeing Coaching

We cover the week's tasks/learning on various topics such as Thinking differently/Goal setting/Stages of change.

Exercise Session

This is a 20-30 minute circuit-based exercise session. Designed for all abilities.

The In Balance Body & Mind programme is delivered by:


Alison Lynch - Personal Trainer and Exercise Referral Trainer, who is passionate about motivating people to achieve their fitness goals and working with people of all abilities in a fun and effective way.


Amanda Duff - Registered Wellbeing Specialist, experienced in supporting people with lifestyle choices and wellbeing through reflective conversations.  


This course is designed to help those that have found themselves locked into a cycle of Yo-Yo dieting and relapses, often returning to the same diet plans.

In Balance Body and Mind will get you to look at:

  • The choices you are making 
  • When and where these are made 
  • Why and with whom you are selecting these options 
  • Supporting you to Think Differently about your food and activity levels to achieve a Body and Mind in Balance.


Please get in touch for details of the next available course.

To book your place please contact Ali on 07765 402056 or email


How much does the 10 week programme cost?

The cost of the programme is £10 per session.

Payment to be made in full at the start of the course to ensure your full commitment. It is important that each participant can commit to completing all 10 weeks to gain optimum results.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you it can be done!

Ali & Amanda xx


Personal training or female group fitness sessions.  Run from my home or in good weather, King's Park or Southbourne beaches.

Address: 17 Ropley Road, Bournemouth

Phone: 07765 402056



Training includes strength and flexibility training together with dietary consultations and weekly weigh-ins to keep you on track.


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